EDDAS Crypto Unit (ECU)

The E5354 ECU protects a unidirectional data stream by cryptography, i.e. the Galois Counter mode with the AES-256 block cipher.

The E5354 ECU can be configured either as an encryption unit or as a decryption unit by the configuration tool EDDAS Configuration Management, E5319 ECM. The encrypting unit will receive Ethernet or RS422 input data from a secure telemetry data source. The radio transmitter can be connected directly to the encrypting E5354 ECU, while at the radio receiver a bit synchronizer device is needed in front of the decrypting E5354 ECU. The decryption unit will send the decrypted data to a secure data link destination on either Ethernet or RS422.

The data stream format is CCSDS TM at maximum transfer frame length and bit rates up to 8 Mb/s.

Cryptographic key materials are generated in a key management center, being populated with another E5354 ECU and the EDDAS Key Management E5353 EKM.

Datasheet: E5354 ECU (EDDAS Crypto Unit)