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The UN IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)’s report on climate change of 2021 draws the conclusions that natural systems around the world are being affected by regional climate changes, particularly temperature increases, and that these temperature increases are very likely to be the result of anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.

EIDEL is a supporter of the green shift and transition towards renewable energy and a more sustainable industry with low carbon emissions and less toxic waste. EIDEL has since its early days been working with academia in environmental research. We have developed sensors and control systems used with weather balloons and sounding rockets to monitor the atmosphere and electronic systems for measuring snow depth on glaciers in the Norwegian mountain range. By using our extensive knowledge in scientific research and technology, we always look for new ways to support the push towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Space technology, like satellites play a crucial role into monitoring environmental changes on Earth. Monitoring weather patterns, aerolosoles, ozone layer and ocean nutrients, are all dependent on space technology. Satellites can also be used to directly monitor human activity to get a better understanding of the causes and effects. Satellites are alredy being used for tracking ship traffic and could be used for monitoring offshore wind farm installations and to delivering secure communication between automated systems.

In-situ monitoring of landbased and offshore assets with telemetry and data acquisition systems. EIDEL’s distinctive strength lies in the exceptional quality of our real-time data acquisition capabilities.

This precision and reliability extend our reach to encompass a diverse array of critical assets, embracing various energy sources, vital infrastructure, and intricate logistics operations. Here’s how we excel:

  1. High-Precision Data Collection: EIDEL’s rugged data acquisition systems shine in even the most challenging environments. Our robust technology is perfectly suited for meticulously monitoring a wide range of energy assets, including solar farms, hydropower plants, oil and gas facilities, and offshore wind turbines in remote areas and harsh environments.
  2. Real-Time Monitoring and Insight: Our capacity for remote, real-time data acquisition extends seamlessly to encompass crucial infrastructure such as power grids, pipelines, and transportation networks. High quality data with accurate time-synchronization can employ in-depth analysis to provide clients with valuable insights for precise decision-making.
  3. Predictive Maintenance Excellence: Leveraging the high-quality data we acquire, EIDEL excels in predictive maintenance solutions across energy infrastructure, critical facilities, and transportation systems. By delivering real-time data of the highest quality, we help our partners anticipate maintenance needs and avert costly downtimes.
  4. Elevated Environmental Impact Assessment: EIDEL’s unmatched data acquisition systems provide the foundation for thorough environmental assessments of infrastructure and energy projects. The precise data we gather allows us to evaluate the ecological impact and ensure sustainable practices in various sectors.
  5. Data-Driven Efficiency and Resilience: EIDEL’s commitment to superior data quality underpins the increased efficiency and resilience of energy sources, critical infrastructure, and logistics operations. By relying on the most accurate data from different data sources, we enhance energy asset productivity, fortify infrastructure reliability, and optimize the logistical flow, all while ensuring our partners operate with the utmost precision.

As we actively pursue partnerships and collaborations, EIDEL is dedicated to fostering a future marked by sustainability, efficiency, and excellence, all fueled by the unmatched precision of our real-time data acquisition capabilities

In 2023 EIDEL collaborated with SINTEF and a scientific consortoum of Norwegian industry actors which led to the publication Digital Twins in Wind Energy: Emerging Technologies and Industry-Informed Future Directions | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore

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