From the ground to the infinity of space

For more than 50 years EIDEL has developed instruments and systems for space. The first space related projects was the development of a telemetry decoder for the Northern lights Laboratory in Tromsø and a satellite data encoder for to track the trajectroy of Europa F9 rocket, launched from Woomera in Australia in 1970. Since then EIDEL has developed several space instruments and systems such as ARGOS Satellite PTT, electrometer for sounding rockets, telemetry for Ariane 4 launcher at Kourou Aerospatiale French Guiana, m-NLP plasma probe for on Norsat-1 and, ERIU, m-NLP and Water Across PlantS on ISS’ Biolab. EIDEL also performs research & development activities in collaboration with academia or for industri partners, such as development of CCSDS Unified Space Link Protocol.

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EIDEL has designed and delivered products and control systems to the defence-, aviation - and space industry since 1966.

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