We are Eidel


EIDEL is a leading designer and supplier of advanced electronics including hardware, software and instrumentation services. Our products ranges from specialized space grade instruments like sensors for space situational awareness and sounding rocket payload control systems to data acquisition, telemetry and quantum resistant encryption. For more than 50 years EIDEL has delivered products and services to a broad set of industries like defence, space, automotive, process industry, energy, marine and offshore engineering.

Eidsvoll Electronics, the story

Eidsvoll Electronics was founded by Erik Olsson, a Swedish engineer, inventor and former employee at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment – FFI. From a young age Erik was genuinely interested in electronics and solving problems with technology. As early as 1949 he bought his first transistor, a Raytheon CK722. From 1964 to 1965 he participated in development of a control system for the radio telescope at Råö rymdobservatorium, north of Gothenburg. In 1966 he set up his own laboratory in his garage at his home in Eidsvoll. There he started development of a satellite telemetry decoder which was delivered to Tromsø Telemetry Station following year, and Eidsvoll Electronics was born.

Erik Olsson, founder of Eidsvoll Electronics

To meet a growing demand for scientific instruments and environmental measurements Erik gathered a crew of bright engineers and moved into larger and more suitable premises in the vicinity. In the years that followed the company became a national pioneer in research and development in advanced telemetry and space grade instruments. Later the company used “EIDEL” as the company’s brand name.

‘Innovative Electronics’ has always been EIDEL’s trademark. Erik and his crew buildt a company with a culture where employees are eager to explore, learn and solve problems in new areas. Such when developing remote measurement and control systems for subsea vessels and telemetry decoders to monitor offshore gass platforms, and when EIDEL developed an avalanche detection system. And lets not forget the legendary automatic chicken shit remover (“Hønemøkk-raker”) which EIDEL designed and deployed to local farms in the region.

In 1987 EIDEL celebrated its 20th anniversary and produced a promotional video, “EIDEL, the story” where you can see several of these inventions.

A promotion video made in celebraton of EIDEL’s 20th anniversary

EIDEL, today

Even though Erik retired from the company in 1987, EIDEL’s has maintained it’s core values of empowerment, synergy and curiosity, and has strengthened its position as a strategic technology partner to national defense and space industry. EIDEL has close relationships with regional and international academia and research institutes such as CENSSS – CENtre for Space Sensors and Systems, UiO, NTNU, ESA and Norwegian Space Agency.


EIDEL’s off shelf solutions includes sensors and control systems for space situational awareness, payload control systems, secure communication, data acquisition andencryption. EIDEL also provides services such as research and development, instrumentation assembly, integration and test and cleanroom rental.

EIDEL market our products through larger companies and representatives domestically and internationally. Production in numbers beyond prototype is normally subcontracted. Final assembly, testing and burn-in are taken care off in-house.

Our core values are EMPOWERMENT through trust and responsibility. Seek to create SYNERGY between people, knowledge and technology. Nurture your CURIOSITY by continuous learning and inspire innovation!

In 2023, Eidsvoll Electronics AS formally changed it’s company name to EIDEL AS, as you may read about in our press release here Eidsvoll Electronics AS becomes EIDEL AS – Eidel – Engelsk

Quality Assurance

In our pursuit for higher quality we have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS).
The QMS is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015. View certificate.