EIDEL Distributed Data Acquistion System

The EIDEL Distributed Data Acquistion System (EDDAS) is an innovative, complete data acquisition system with the option of an approved encryption solution built on more than 50 years of experience. Its design is modular and flexible; covering a wide area of user applications ranging from basic encoder tasks to some of the most demanding data acquisition challenges in extreme conditions.


The EDDAS system comprises of an advanced and configurable modules that provides a flexible and high performance platform. As a result of this flexiblity and configurable design the EDDAS system can interface with any type of sensor, analogue or digital. Because of this the EDDAS can fulfil our customers requirements‘ for test and verification and health monitoring.

With the EDDAS flexible and configurable design it gives the customer an almost unlimited range of sensor to be used during development, test and verification. Here are shown a limited number of examples of possible areas where the EDDAS is applicable for test and verification.
The EDDAS system is ideal for collecting sensor data to be used in conditional monitoring and predictive maintenance. This helps to reduce life-cycle-cost and a more effective maintenance regime. It also gives valuable data for further analysis in both day-to-day operation and in case of malfunctions.

The EDDAS also provides an unequal high performance TM server that provides real time data to a numerous clients over Ethernet. This can be the customer proprietary clients or standard software like LabVIEW. The EDDAS system gives the user access to a multifunctional suite of acquisition modules that enables them to tailor their data acquisition solution to their requirements. The EDDAS system is designed to meet the though requirements of the modern day in cohesive and flexible manner. It delivers superior capabilities for high-speed serial data interfaces, video and extremely fast sampling rate of analog and discrete data acquisition channels. The EDDAS system has control capabilities as well as the ability to distribute the collected data to different destinations due to the Ethernet topology. This could be a customer’s processing unit, network data recorder, telemetry data link or to the TM server.

The EDDAS system also includes an option for encryption using the ECU (E5354) unit. The ECU is used in systems where it is approved to handle information up to and including the level of Secret today.

The flexibility of the EDDAS also include adapting to the environmental requirements from our customers ensuring a very cost effective solution.

Technical Specifications

Rugged Acquisition system units:
E5357 TPSM Telemetry Processor and Sensor Module
E5358 FSM Forward Sensor Module
E5359 UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
E5354 ECU EDDAS Crypto Unit

Industrial Data Acquisition system units:
DAU Data Acquisition Unit
TPSM Telemetry Processor and Sensor Module

These units can be configured with 1-3 analogue boards resulting in 20 to 60 analogue channels.

Computer based system units:
E5319 ECM EDDAS Configuration Management
E5335 TM Server Telemetry Server
E5353 EKM EDDAS Key Management
E5355 EKG EDDAS Key Generator


Multiple sensor interfaces
Multiple data link interfaces
Ethernet data packets
Real time monitoring
Configuration via Ethernet
Time reference selection
Ethernet data distribution
Easy to integrate into existing display solutions directly or through the Telemetry server.
Distributed system topology
Modular and scalable
Customizable – easy to configure
Time-synchronization EEE-1588 PTP
Data time stamping
Data prioritizing
Measurement program change on time
CCSDS packet telemetry
Analog data channels


Health monitoring
Test and verification
Condition monitoring
Structural Health Monitoring

Critical infrastructure
Shipping/ Maritime