Assembly, Integration & Test

Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) is involves planning, development and implementation of the assembly, integration and test of electronics subsystems and satellites.


Assembly, Integration, Test (and Verification), AIT, is a quality management process in aerospace engineering. It describes a standardized procedure for the qualification of components and the subsequent integration of the system components into the overall system.

AIT is intended to ensure that a system, for example a satellite, both survives and is undamaged in the transport to the respective orbit and fulfills its function in the intended operating time. AIT is primarily used in the space industry and has been standardized by leading space agencies and institutes.

EIDEL is uniquely qualified to perform hardware and software evaluations and to assure system configurations meet customer needs. EIDEL facilitates ISO certified cleanroom and testing equipment for Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) of instruments and satellites.

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