ERIU - EIDEL Remote Interface Unit

Integrating payloads and enabling remote control


Satellites and spacecraft often have scientific payloads with different functions which need to be integrated with On-Board computers, Data Storage & Mass memories, Remote Interface Units, Communication protocols, and Busses.

A Remote Interface Unit (RIU), usually present on medium-large size spacecraft, offloads the On-Board Computer from analogue and discrete digital data acquisition and actuators control tasks.

EIDEL has designed its own version, called EIDEL Remote Interface Unit (ERIU), which also handles all interfaces between payloads and the OBC/EPS systems on satellites and sounding rockets, both for data transmission and power distribution. In addition, the ERIU holds the possibility for a secure connection between two ERIU’s to enable remote integration testing between instrument and OBC/ EPS before flight thus reducing both cost and time for integration.


The ERIU can be integrated through a variety of interfaces, covering all of the most common types used in MicroSatellites and sounding rockets today. Instead of connecting each payload to the On-Board Computer or sounding rocket encoder, the payloads are interfaced directly from the ERIU. Power distribution to each payload, including protection circuitry, is handled by the ERIU.

The ERIU has a flash-based SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA, containing a hard Arm Cortex-M3 processor. FPGA fabric can be used for accelerating specific user tasks when required. In combination with the integrated memory, the users can focus more on the front-end of their payloads and utilize the existing computing power and centralized memory in the ERIU instead if designing these repetitive building blocks for each payload. Encryption is optional and can be unlocked if requested by the user.

The ERIU will be designed to facilitate the future CCSDS Unified Space Data Link Protocol (USLP), as a custom IP delivered by EIDEL. As a service built around the ERIU EIDEL also offer full instrumental AIT to a single instrument package to be integrated into satellites, sounding rockets or other space installations.


Centralised processing and mass memory
Payload interfacing
Handles payload connectivity to spacecraft OBC and EPS
Power distribution, conditioning and monitoring
Remote access and control of payloads
Encryption (optional)
Hardware Acceleration in dedicated FPGA
Supports power and data interfaces of up to four payloads (depending on resource sharing)

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