EIDEL is chosen as partner to Centre for Space Sensors and Systems (CENSSS)


Eidsvoll Electronics (EIDEL) was recently chosen as one of nine partners to the Center for Space Sensors and Systems (CENSSS). The University of Oslo (UiO) is the host institution for CENSSS, together with the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) and the University of California (UCLA).

CENSSS will be located at Kjeller at UiO’s Department of Technology Systems and it’s main goal is to contribute to increased innovation and competitiveness for the Norwegian space industry, as well as to contribute to national needs within satellite systems for Earth observation, and to exploration of the moon and Mars. This will be done by focusing on new sensors and sensor systems for space, which are also connected to the enormous growth in the use of small satellites globally. In addition to EIDEL the following national and international companies have been chosen as partners to CENESSS: IDEAS, ispace Europe, Jotne, KSAT, NEO, Science [&] Technology, Vake and VFGeo.

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