More than 50 Years of Innovative Electronics A Leading Supplier of Defense, Space and telemetry Solutions


We specialize in these industries and areas of experties.


EIDEL has a long history of developing innovative solutions and systems for both ground operations and spaceflight

EIDELs products and services ranges from instrument AIT to in flight instruments and satellite encryption.

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Through a long-standing collaboration with Norwegian Armed Forces and other demanding customers, EIDEL has developed and continues to develop innovative and robust encryption solutions.

The solutions ranges from remote re-keying of terminals, encryption of satellites and autonomous systems to securing sensor information.

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Data Acquisition

Data acquisition, telemetry or instrumentation, whatever you choose to call it EIDEL Distributed Data Acquisition System (EDDAS) is both flexible and robust to cover your every need to collecting sensor data.

EDDAS is built upon more than 50 years of experience and innovation within collecting sensor data with extreme requirements to both quality control and environment.

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EIDEL has been an ever present partner for more than 20 years designing cost effective solutions to help our fighters to meet their objective.

Through our remote solutions our customers is provided with an unparalleled cost effective and secure operation.

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Based upon EIDELs knowledge and experience we provide our customers with a wide range of services. This enables our customers to reach their goals in a cost effective way.

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Hi! We are EIDEL

Eirik Olson founded EIDEL in a garage at Eidsvoll, Norway in 1966 and never looked back.

Eirik was always ahead of his time in utilizing the latest in technology and science to solve today’s challenges.

Over time, EIDEL has provided solutions to its customers regardless of the requirement. This has given EIDEL a rich history of products ranging from an Automatic chicken shit remover for local farms to Space proven instruments.

We at EIDEL strive each day to honor Eriks vision and understanding of the technology of tomorrow to drive our solutions further.



Create an enviroment for empowerment at all levels in the organisation.



Always seek to create synergy between people, knowledge and technology.



By being curious in the pursuit for new knowledge and encourage creativity, we create innovation.

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