Space Mission Design

Spacecraft and payloads are designed to work remotely in harsh environments. Based on their mission they have unique and strict requirements which need to be thoroughly examined and their verification carefully planned

What are the needs of the mission and how do we best achieve our goals? Which payloads are going to be included to deliver the required customer data? How and in which orbit will the satellite(s) be deployed, how is the data going to be acquired, secured and provided to the owner? How will the satellite(s) maintain orbit and how and when will decommissioning be performed? ​

At EIDEL, our Space System Engineers analyze every phase of a mission’s lifecycle, from understanding its purpose, scope, and destination, to selecting launch vehicles and launch dates, and finally mapping out all planned maneuvers and operations. All of this provides vital data for the actual design of the satellite(s) and for the mission control systems and communication stations on the ground.​

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