Innovative Electronics

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Radio Control System (RCS)

The purpose of the Radio Control System (RCS) is to provide voice communication using remotely controlled radio equipment. This allows the radio operator and the radio equipment to be placed in different geographical locations.

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Remote Crypto Distribution System (RCDS)

The RCDS® provides the capability to remotely load crypto to multiple remote locations from a central site, obviating the need for manual crypto fill resulting in significant savings on man-power and related costs.

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E5354 ECU

EDDAS Crypto Unit (ECU)

The E5354 ECU protects a unidirectional data stream by cryptography, i.e. the Galois Counter mode with the AES-256 block cipher.

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Photo: ESA/P.Carril - CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

Multi-Needle Langmuir Probe (m-NLP)

EIDEL has space qualified the m-NLP system for 10 years of operation on satellites in Low Earth Orbit. The instrument unit is designed and space qualified by EIDEL, while the boom system is developed by the University of Oslo. The intended operational environment for the m-NLP system is Low Earth Orbit (LEO) up to 1000 km alititude.

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