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RCS in production

The purpose of the Radio Control System (RCS) is to provide voice communication using remotely controlled radio equipment. This allows the radio operator and the radio equipment to be placed in different geographical locations. The voice link can be made resistant against jamming, and supports both plain and encrypted speech. The system is fully operational in Norway since end of the -90s.


Geographically, the system is devided into two parts. An operator interface and master remote controllers are located at a control centre, and at the radio site, a slave remote controller links the radio transiver into the system via a backbone network.

The operator interface connects to a master remote controller with the required Have Quick II ECCM and/or Vinson KY-58/KY-100 encryption capacity. The master remote controller connects to the slave remote controller at the radio site through a digital, line switched network. Radio Control System (RCS) 1.

The operator enables and disables the Have Quick and/or Vinson functionality during operation as easily as changing frequency on the radio. The radio management system provides the capability via a master remote controller to connect or disconnect remote radios to maximise capacity.

A time sub-system receives the time from the GPS and can maintain this time correctly for 6-9 months. The time sub-system forwards the time to the Have Quick and the radio management system. Other timing protocols and standards are made available to other internal and external sub-systems i.e. IRIG formats and NMEA formats. The time system supports a number of different GPS receivers such as MPE-II and MPE-S following the GRAM standard.

The Have Quick II ECCM sub-system setup, i.e Word-of-Day, Time-of Day and Frequency Management Training nets, is controlled from the radio management sub-system.

The Vinson encryption sub-system supports both KY-58 or KY-100 encryption units, and loading of crypto variable from KYK-13 or similar directly into the encryption units.

Due to all functionality being located at the contro centre, there is no classified information stored or forwarded at theradio site.

The system can handle up to 300 master controllers within one control centre, and more than 1000 slave remote controllers.


Operationally fielded since 1999
Encrypted speech (KY-58, KY-100)
Anti jamming
Time syncronisation accuracy
COTS independent
Up to 2500 km separation between
Support any radio type
Up to 1000 radios can be connected
NATO Accredited
ACCS compatible
Saturn compatible


All sensitive equipment installed at the control centre
Unclassified radio sites
Remote loading of Word Of
Network independent
Reduced man-power
Flexible selection (any operator can choose any radio in the system)
Reduces the required number of HQ and Vinson radio

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