New employees!

This summer, EIDEL got four new employees!

Karen Dukene and Yngve Lien

Karen Dukene started at EIDEL in May as purchasing and production manager. Karen comes from Norwegian Special Mission where she has worked in production and has more than 10 years experience from aviation industry. 

Yngve Lien started at EIDEL as System Architect in August. He has 20 years’ experience in aerospace, and has worked as an engineer and project manager for the Norwegian Armed Forces, Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace and the European Space Agency. He is trained as a physicist at Imperial College in London, and has a Ph.d. in laser physics from the University of Leiden. At Eidel, he will, among other things, contribute expertise in product development, aerospace and systems engineering. 

Elizabeth Dahlen

Elizabeth Dahlen started as project manager in April and has an education in electrical engineering and has background from failways/railway NOR and Nemko, where she worked as project manager and test engineer. 

Eivind Kråbøl Grønning

Eivind Kråbøl Grønning started in August working part time on an industry Master. Having recently completed his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Kingston University London, he’s enrolled in USN’s System Engineering industry Master program.