Arctic Ocean Surveillance

Navigating Arctic Challenges: EIDEL’s Contribution to Ocean Surveillance

The Arctic Ocean, a vast expanse teeming with natural resources, experiences heavy maritime traffic for fishing, transportation, and various missions. As a critical hub for economic activities, safety at sea, emergency preparedness, and upholding national sovereignty are paramount. Satellite surveillance emerges as a vital tool in this context, facilitating communication, monitoring activities, and ensuring swift responses to emergencies.


In 2021, EIDEL was commissioned by the Norwegian Space Agency and the European Space Agency, to start a feasibility study of the development of a national satellite constellation to provide surveillance of Arctic Oceans. This work soon after led to the Arctic Ocean Surveillance Demo, an ambitious project aiming to design and construct a demonstrational small satellite (SmallSat) to be launched into Low Earth Orbit and equipped with sensors and instruments to track activity at sea.

The project was recently presented in an article by the regional news paper Romerrike Blad. The article is also available on their webpage Nyheter, Næringsliv | – Dette er rett og slett et stykke høyteknologisk pionérvirksomhet midt i Lillestrøm sentrum (

The Arctic Ocean Surveillance Demo mission underscores the significance of satellite surveillance in safeguarding against disasters, enhancing maritime safety, monitoring activities for sovereignty, and supporting environmental conservation. EIDEL’s dedication to this endeavor highlights the collaborative efforts to navigate the challenges of this remote and critical region, ensuring responsible resource use and ecological sustainability. 

Commencing the project in 2021 with a feasibility study, EIDEL has progressed significantly, finalizing the choice of satellite platform and selection of sensors and support systems.  The satellite is planned to be launched in 2027 from Andøya Spaceport in Northern Norway. The satellite will play a pivotal role in tracking maritime activity in the Arctic Oceans under Norwegian responsibility. 

In tandem, Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace are actively contributing to national needs with their AOS-Precursor mission. Both companies’ satellites will play integral roles in a national satellite constellation dedicated to bolstering Arctic Ocean surveillance. The collaboration aims to fortify national efforts in safeguarding the region’s resources and ensuring responsible maritime practices.

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