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With Easter just around the corner, we’re eager to share a brief update from our team. This weekend we arrived in Atlanta to attend the annual DOD AIMS conference. At the DOD AIMS we are presenting EIDEL’s unique Remote Crypto Distribution System (RCDS®)  We also got accompanied by another Norwegian company, Thales Norway.

EIDEL with Thales Norway at DOD AIMS, Atlanta, US.

Last week, we attended the CENSSS General Assembly at Scandic Lillestrøm where we presented our upcoming project related to GNSS-R.

Dr. Stian Løvås presenting the development GNSS-R contribution to CENSS (Center for Space Sensors & Systems) general assembly at Scandic Lillestrøm.

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We are continuously attending different events near and far, but not every activity is posted on our webpages. Please take a look on our social media pages at Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) to better keep track on what we do. Also, take a look at our event calendar here: Activities 2024 – Eidel – Engelsk

We wish you a peaceful Easter holiday!