IDEAS wraps up it’s testing of NORM at EIDEL’s cleanroom facilities

Integrated Detector Electronics AS (IDEAS) is building the Norwegian Radiation Monitor NORM, a scientific space instrument to be launched on Space Norway HEOSAT’s Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission ASBM. The work was conducted in a cleanroom at EIDELs headquarters in Eidsvoll, less than an hour drive north of Oslo.


Quote from Sebastian Benoit, senior space project manager at IDEAS: “To assemble and integrate the main components of NORM, we needed a ESD safe cleanroom. For this we turned to EIDEL, who has the perfect environment for this task. Over the course of several months, we performed electronics testing of the individual circuit boards and integrated the full instruments. EIDEL provided us with a spacious, safe, and secure clean room and enabled us with their flexibility even on short notice to keep the timeline even when plans needed to be adjusted. We highly recommend EIDEL clean room services for those in need of a clean, safe, and secure facility to conduct electronic research, development, and engineering.”

EIDEL provides a secure cleanroom at Eidsvoll for customers in need of a controlled environment. The room is a closed invironment with constant flow of filtered air, limiting sub-micron particle contamination and the floor and the walls are purposely designed to provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), the most common phenomena to cause component failure in electronic engineering. EIDEL’s cleanroom rental service includes use of protective garments, optional secured network and purpose build cabinets for safely and securely storing sensitive electronics and components. The cleanroom has a default area of 16m2, including airlock and is ISO certified at class 8. Both size and ISO class can adjusted on request for larger projects.

If you are in need of a secure, clean and ESD protected environment for your development and test of electronics components, instruments and systems, please contact us for details.