EIDEL is awarded with "Årets Romeriksbedrift"

Eidsvoll Electronics (EIDEL) was recently named winner of Romeriksbedrift of the Year 2020!

From left: Pon Equipment, EIDEL and Datek

Thank you to the jury for recognizing the work we have done over the past year, and thank you to the board development Romerike, Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm, as well as Ullensaker and Lillestrøm municipality, and not least Nordea for arranging the award. Many thanks to all our employees for the effort you put into the work every day. Without you this would not have been possible, so this award is first and foremost for you! Congratulations also to Pon Equipment and Datek, two local companies and worthy finalists.

Link to Romerike Blad news article on external site: Nyheter, Næringsliv | Her er Årets Romeriksbedrift: – Det er fortsatt få som vet hvem vi egentlig er (rb.no)