Interview on UiO Master program in Space

In 2023 UiO announced a new Masters program in Space. EIDEL supports this and was invited to an interview at UiO to tell more about how EIDEL what we do and who we look for in potenital employees.

UiO and Torbjørn Skauli’s optical characterization lab at ITS. The hyperspectral imager (‘camera’) shown is based on Fred Sigernes’ design that was made for imaging from UAV flights at UNiS in Svalbard. It is also the first iteration of the imager that Elizabeth worked on when developing the HSIv6 imager for the HYPSO-1 satellite at NTNU. Today it is being used to benchmark against the performance of other hyperspectral imagers and as a robust instrument for training purposes and fieldwork across the country. Photo credit: UiO

Read the full article here: -We are always looking for new talent – especially those with education in space systems – Centre for Space Sensors and Systems – CENSSS (

EIDEL is an industry partner in Center for Space Systems & Sensors (CENSSS) led by University of Oslo (UiO),