Awarded contract

To develop new security mechanisms for future spacecrafts

KP Labs and EIDEL have been chosen as contractors to European Space Agency ’s project ‘Secure Reprogrammability for Critical Avionics Functions’, to develop new security mechanisms for future spacecrafts.

Most of currently used telemetry and telecommand processing units on spacecrafts implement critical functions and security algorithms in programmable hardware circuits. If any security vulnerability is found post launch, there is no real way to resolve it. This problem will be even more evident in the era of post-quantum cryptography, where brute-force attacks will be easier to perform.  As such, currently used security algorithms may be vulnerable to attacks in future if any weak points are found. This indicates that the critical and security functions need to be safely updated, and this will be crucial for the security of the future space segment.

The proposed solution, QUAntum-SAfe Reprogrammability of critical avionics functions (QUASAR), allows to safely reprogram the hardware circuits in-flight.

KP Labs was selected as prime contractor to develop «QUAntum-SAfe Reprogrammability of critical avionics functions» (QUASAR) which will include several new secure update mechanisms. EIDEL was selected as sub-contractor and will develop the quantum resistant encryption system.
The project has already been initiated and is expected to be completed at the end of Q2 2022.

About KP Labs:
KP Labs is an innovative New Space company based in Poland. The company mission is to accelerate space exploration by advancing autonomous spacecraft operation and robotic technology. KP Labs expertise includes, but is not limited to, flight software, hyperspectral imaging instrument, AI algorithms, and high-efficiency processing units, e.g. Leopard enabling on-board data processing. KP Labs is currently developing Smart Mission Ecosystem, consisting of algorithms, software and satellite hardware, reducing mission operating costs and time to make space more accessible.

About EIDEL:
Eidsvoll Electronics (EIDEL) is a Norwegian company founded in 1966 and has designed a wide range of instruments and electronics for space and defense. EIDEL specializes in sensors for space situational awareness, telemetry, communication, data acquisition, rocket payload integration and encryption. EIDEL also delivers services such as AIT, Cleanroom and R&D. EIDEL collaborates with academia and research institutions and is a member of newly founded Centre for Space Sensors and Systems (CENSSS).