One small step for man...

Update: 26th of April: “Based on the currently available data, the HAKUTO-R Mission Control Center in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, confirmed that the lander was in a vertical position as it carried out the final approach to the lunar surface. Shortly after the scheduled landing time, no data was received indicating a touchdown. ispace engineers monitored the estimated remaining propellant reached at the lower threshold and shortly afterward the descent speed rapidly increased. After that, the communication loss happened. Based on this, it has been determined that there is a high probability that the lander eventually made a hard landing on the Moon’s surface.” Source:

We at EIDEL know how challenging space missions can be. ISPACE completed 8 of 9 milestones successfully and even though they didn’t land in a way they had planned, they reached their final destination, and that is an achievement in itself.

8 of 9 successes acheived. Image from

We have added one of the last images HAKUTO-R took before it’s final descent.

One of the last images taken by HAKUTO-R took before it’s descent. Image from

We congratulate ISPACE on their acheivements with HAKUTO-R.

Today April 25th 2023 a historical event will take place. At 15:20 (UTC)/11:20 (EST)/17:20 (CEST) earliest, ISPACE HAKUTO-R lwill land on the Moon! Inside HAKUTO-R a small rover called Rashid is waiting on commend to roll out and start doing scientific measurements on the moon. One of the onboard instruments is the Multi-Needle Langmuir Probe developed by the University of Oslo and EIDEL.

This is the first time a Norwegian space instrument will touch the Moon and is a historical event for EIDEL, for the University of Oslo and Norway! We cross our fingers and wish the ISPACE team the best of luck with the landing operation!

The event will be streamed live by ISPACE here from 17:00 CEST