Summer interns 2022

This summer we are lucky to have engaged five brilliant engineering students as summer interns to work on exciting research & developement projects at EIDEL. The projects are related to telemetry, data acquisition and integration software and early phase testing of hardware components for space craft computers.

From left: Fredrik H Mathiesen and Trym A Nygård. Both continuing on projects started last year.

Fredrik Harring Mathiesen and Trym Anthonsen Nygård from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), continues their great efforts from last years team, and new team members Håkon Kindem, Patrick Nikolai Falkeid (also both from NTNU) and Hedda Jerve (from Trinity College in Dublin) bring additional value and new perspectives. The students work both at our HQ at Eidsvoll and our office in Lillestrøm over a period of about four weeks time.

From left: Hedda Jerve, Patrick Nikolai Falkeid and Håkon Edvard Kindem, new additions to this years team.

The results from the work will be a great addition to ongoing and upcoming development projects related to the space sector and other civil sectors.